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CPR to Philosophy (Meaning behind Gunpowder Philosophy) 

Sergio Wilson

What would you do if you saw someone of the utmost importance to you collapse? 

What are some of the thoughts that would race through your mind?

What action would you take?

The people we love come and go sometimes abruptly in our Society. 

As you ponder the answers to the questions above imagine on a mass scale that

this traumatic event was Happening to Multitudes of people to a class and a race at the same time. 

There isn’t nearly enough EMT’s on call and the One’s that do respond have the wrong equipment and knowledge.

This is the exact world and situation most people, but Especially black people are living in on any given day.

You have people that have a fear of Gun Violence who Simultaneously Encourage gossip and mess. 

We will have a strong dislike for Donald Trump (Justifiable) but also think Barack Obama was the greatest thing for black people Since Martin Luther King Jr. (Unfounded)

My deepest concern with most us is that we get about half of our Daily logic from emotion, the other half comes from slavery, Popular opinion (Media, Music, Celebrities, what Momma/Pastor said) or common liberal logic. That then leaves us unable to think and form fair, Balanced even tempered opinions and decisions in our everyday lives.

If most of our ways of life and opinions are already preconceived, Does anybody TRULY question?

Moreover, if no one questions, does anybody have independent thoughts/ knowledge?

I’m not about knowing everything as no one does, but I’d have to guess the answer to both questions an emphatic “NO.” 

Black people are of the most Importance to me, And I want to see us rise mentally and spiritually.

As of now we are in a state of collapse. Why? Because we lack good fundamental Philosophy! 

Through all the problems we may attempt to Solve through Politics, Religion, violence, and other means it must all go through a filter of first Questioning, experience and then wisdom. 

Of all the plains created with good intent for liberation this is the best way for us to Resuscitate ourselves individually for the collective. First to better understand new knowledge I’ve found it’s always best to start with Pure and Simple Questions that lead to definitions. 

You may just be wondering “What the hell is Philosophy?” or “How the fuck is Philosophy related to me?”

Well first, the most basic definition of Philosophy is the Love of wisdom.

To give a more workable definition I’d say Philosophy is a set of ideas, standards and beliefs in Which you see the world, yourself and others.

With this term now defined, I hope we grow to see the importance of what and who has direct influence over our thoughts, beliefs, and Behavior. Who influences you? Your inner voice? Other opinions?

Did you choose that Religion, or was it Predetermined before birth?

Is this really the life you want? Do you vote to make a choice, or do you vote because you were Indoctrinated to believe you have no choice?

Do you wish to ban Guns, or would you like to Raise and nurture a better generation through basic understanding of bad behavior and human nature? 

Vote all you wish, pray until you heart is full, but the streets nor Society will ever change until we all stop being easily led, lied to Gullible sheep. Voting for change, praying for change is null and VOLD until each assesses and recreates his or her own Personal Philosophy.

Philosophy is actively dying within our culture and is in desperate need of CPR to Revive lovely but misguided people.

This is where the concept of Gunpowder Philosophy comes in.

This is the Passion Project and Potential cultural movement to get people mainly black people to think more logically and understand where these thoughts come from and where they’re currently leading us to. This is idea turned into a blog and a Podcast steamed from the notion that we don't have to turn in our guns if we could only be taught rationality. This movement is also about the activity of invoking natural born rights guaranteed to us as natural citizens per the United States Constitution.

I am not a Democrat, nor Republican I believe in God but do not Subscribe to any one religion.

I consider myself a philosopher with Individual beliefs.

everything is subjective and case by case in my mind.

Good and Evil can be found on all sides of all things, No one idea has a monopoly on the truth. 

I believe in free speech and freethought I believe in protecting all our 2nd Amendment rights but I also want to see peace amongst our people.

It is my Believe that politicians aren't really interested in real Solutions to difficult problems otherwise they wouldn’t spoon feed you the same ideas repeatedly for Whatever special interest group or party they represent.

The first rights are to say what you want and to protect yourself and resist tyranny.

If you can’t at bare minimum say what you like and protect yourself, you're easy to control. 

We came into this country as slaves I believe our ancestors would like us to die as free people with free thoughts. Gunpowder philosophy is the embodiment of just that.

It’s here to blast through the chains on our minds.

I wish to do away with Carbon copies and get back to the prototypical ways of thinking.

This is a Hip and Modern way to give life to that which has died. 

As I write this on Malcolm X’s Birthday, One of the greatest Thinkers to ever grace the Planet , I want us to learn just that: The art of Thought.

Introducing theGUNPOWDER PHILOSOPHY PODCAST!!! Where I Explicitly discuss And analyze America, Black life, religion, cultural ideas and a host of related topics and events from a Philosophical (Questioning) Position for the betterment and cognitive development of us all.

THANKS, to all All opinions and critiques are strongly encouraged!

Bad Philosophy Does DAMAGE


If you fail to ignite the "Love of Wisdom." You invite the fate of harm.

You can blame the gun as much as you'd like. The only true trigger is THE MIND.

Time to question the Culture


What touches the human brain more than anything?

Culture. And Currently we have WAY to many Souls not questioning our personal and public beliefs and where the came from.

from how we pray, who we pray to and why? The shows we watch, the music we hear.

til we've ALL learn to at LEAST question things from our OWN mind with our OWN interpretation...... WE. HAVE. FAILED.

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